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Inner Circle Advanced Attack & Defense

By Ron Klausner, 11/13/17, 2:45AM EST


Inner Circle Lacrosse - Advanced Attack & Defense Training

Inner Circle Lacrosse

Advanced Attack & Defense Training

Attack - Brendan Mundorf

Defense / LSM - Ron Klausner, JC Metivier, Matt Landis

Classes will have an 8 player maximum and train in 90 minute sessions for HS Rising Stars & HS Elite (2022 - 2018).

Registration is now open: 

Inner Circle Advanced Defense

Inner Circle Advanced Attack

Advantages of Inner Circle Training:

  • Personalized Instruction
  • Elite Player Development
  • Dynamic Curriculum

Inner Circle Advanced Training focuses on bolstering the Positional Skill Set while sharpening the scrimmage capabilities that a necessary for becoming an expert at your position:

  • Personalized Coaching Critique
  • Film Review
  • Anatomy of an Attackman or Defenseman
  • Scrimmage Play
  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Unsettled Situations
  • Competitions
  • Stick Skills
  • Hardware Advantage
  • And much, much more...

Classes are November - December (5 Classes):

Sundays, November 19th - December 17th

Rising Stars 9:00am

HS Elite 10:30am

Particulars & Costs:

  • Inner Circle Classes are 1-hour-and-30-minute Small Group Intensive Training Sessions
  • Expert Coaches on the Field at all times from Defense to Goalkeeping to Attack and Offense and of course Midfield; coaches assigned specific to your training session... ie Brendan Mundorf on Attack, etc.
  • The 5 Class Semester Program is $600.00; however, you can pay for individual classes if needed ($140/Class).
  • Groups are established first come, first serve until a max of 8 players are signed up for any one semester; as a semester ends, the current groups have the first opportunity to sign up for the following semester.  We will expand the groups as needed to accommodate more players moving forward after FALL 2017.
  • The Inner Circle Deposit is $420 and that covers you for the first THREE classes of Inner Circle Attack or Defense  and then some granted you're attending for an entire semester.
  • We will bill the final classes in the beginning of December 2017.